Overcome this critical B2B buying obstacle “How are we going to implement it?!#&%*”

I want to share with you a buying obstacle that I’ve seen a bunch of times in my clients’ B2B businesses. It’s something that may not even be on your radar in marketing or sales…but it can create real friction in the buying process and make it hard for your buyers to have enough confidence to buy from you.

“How are we going to implement it?!#&%*”

How are we going to implement it?!@(*&#>?

“It”, of course, being a new B2B software, even a B2B service offering.

So imagine that you’re the buyer.

You’ve just spent a lot of money on this purchase, and once you’ve signed the contract, Sales has passed you over to…

Leaders: Drop the Win-Lose Sports Metaphors and Coach Risk and Resilience Instead

In the space of a single, sweaty, Krav Maga lesson, the heroine faces her painful childhood gym class anxieties, mashed up with her worst mid-thirties independent woman fears of getting jumped by a drug dealer.

Israel Defense Forces practicing Krav Maga techniques. Source: Mariofit1.com

Are you a leader who has a failure-or-glory metaphor sports metaphor to inspire your teams? Just sit tight and humour me for a bit.

I can count on one hand the number of (ok, male) executives I’ve worked with whose names I DON’T associate with a sports-related win-or-lose story that was repeatedly emphasised in one-on-ones or team meetings.

For example. Thomas/Hockey was all about setting…

Well, it could be worse. There are helicopters circling overhead periodically in my tiny southern Spain town. Military? Press? Not sure.

Source: Author, Estepona, Spain.

But some neighbours are tentatively popping out to get fresh bread and there are whiffs of a barbeque from my rooftop terrace. Others have been singing a karaoke version of Despacito, and late last night, I heard flamenco-style clapping from the terraces of a huge apartment complex.

It seems that the Andalusians are vying with our Italian counterparts across the Mediterranean for the most spirit during a pandemic.

If your strategy has accidentally taken the wrong path, here’s how to course-correct with a buyer journey map.

The first Michelin Guide was published in 1900 to help drivers maintain their cars and find decent lodging while exploring.

First published in France, this resource included both maps and lists of restaurants, hotels, mechanics and gas stations.

If your strategy has accidentally taken the wrong path, here’s how to course-correct. Source: Hotfoot.co

And in the event of an ill-timed flat in the countryside, these would be just the sort of establishments towards which one could push the family Renault Voiturette for a nice beef bourguignon or coq au vin.

As it gained popularity as a trusted travel resource for travel in France — while increasing demand for cars and tires along the way —…

B2B buyers are flooded in a sea of information and it’s slowing down complex purchase decisions. Photo by Carles Rabada on Unsplash

It’s 2019 and 91% of B2B companies are using content marketing. And 75% have a content marketing strategy, documented or not (CMI: 2019).

Most of us are putting more money than ever before into B2B content marketing; 56% of B2B marketers have increased content creation spending over the last 12 months (CMI: 2018).

And there’s more organizational support for this tactic: 67% of content marketers report that their organization is “very committed” to content marketing.

Even better, over half of content marketers feel that putting budget and resources into content marketing is proving at least “moderately successful” (CMI: 2018).


Building your freelance business can be a slow climb.

It is divine to freelance. And not only for the deliciously self-governing challenge of waking up every morning knowing that you are operations, sales, marketing, customer support, finance, the boot-strapped CEO, and sometimes even the collections agency. It’s also the unparalleled thrill that all the success and the profits are yours. Of course, all the sleepless nights and the occasional screw-ups are yours too.

If you’re a happy 9–5er who is tired of reading too many articles by too many self-satisfied sole-proprietors who blather about productivity wins they’ve learned out of the office, how to build and run their best…

Sarah MacKinnon

I write the odd word to the wild | I also help B2B companies accelerate the buying process with marketing content at www.sarahmackinnonwrites.com/

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